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The AquaCrib®, from Great Lakes Products is the only fish habitat chosen by the Bureau of Fish Management of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources after three years of in-depth study. Its innovative design has since been patented and registered under # 5,042,424.


Hundreds of AquaCribs® have been placed in northern Wisconsin lakes. Installed in the summers of 1990 and 1991, they have since been monitored by fish management scuba divers. Over a dozen Midwestern sports clubs have helped Wisconsin's DNR install AquaCrib®s in lakes with sparse vegetation.


On-site inspections and under-water photos show that AquaCrib®s attract abundant varieties and sizes of sport fish, with spawning indicated next to the structures. AquaCrib®'s corrugated surface encourages feeding, and it is also supports algae and plant growth while sheltering small marine life.

Cost Effective/Environmentally Sound

Modern materials and advanced technology keep AquaCrib®s a bargain. Cost-sharing may even be available through government conservation programs. AquaCrib®s are manufactured with post-consumer recyclables to help preserve natural resources.

Value and Benefits

AquaCrib® -- a convenient, effective, and ecologically-sound method of fish propagation. AquaCrib® -- an active, nurturing biological mechanism to ensure a ready supply of game fish in shelter-poor waters for generations to come.





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