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Assembling the AquaCrib®

The AquaCrib® consists of six large, flat panels, four supports, and 44 fasteners. All components are black. The two solid panels form the top and bottom of the AquaCrib®, while the four cutout panels form the sides.

1. Lay one solid panel in the center of a large, clear space.

2. Place the two 5-foot cutout panels on the ground, opposite the longest sides of the rectangular base. The larger cutout sections should be on the inside, closest to the base unit. (see drawing #1)

3. Next place the 4-foot sections on the floor opposite the shorter sides of the rectangular base. Again, the larger cutouts in the panels should be on the inside. You should now have a solid rectangular base panel in the center of four side panels which have their largest openings closest to the base component.


4. Take a plastic fastener in your left hand with the attachment head facing up and its extension facing left. Thread each fastener through the base hole in the bottom panel and is corresponding hole in the side panel, starting from the bottom of the side panel. The loop is secured by feeding tapered end through the attachment head from right to left. Once threaded, the fastener cannot be loosened except by cutting it. Leave a 2-inch loop in the fastener after joining the panels to give AquaCrib® some flexibility. (see drawing #2)

5. Fasten the bottom holes in all of the side panels to the corresponding holes in the base panel. You will need 14 fasteners to attach the side panels to the base.

6. Raise the two 4-foot panels and set in one of the flat 5-foot supports which is routed through one surface to allow it to fold. Insert the folded support, open-side up, into the semi-circular openings halfway up the 4-foot side panels. Once inserted the die cuts on the opposite ends of the narrower panels, the longer support will fan open and lock into place. Install the other 5-foot support panel parallel to the first one in the exact same manner.








7. Raise the two 5-foot panels and insert the two 4-foot supports in the same manner (see drawings #3 through #6).


8. Now thread and connect all side panels with the plastic fasteners, continuing to leave a 2- inch loop. You will need 16 fasteners to connect all four sides.

9. If you wish to install real or artificial brush or vegetation (optional), do so now before adding solid, top panel (see drawing #6).

10. Place the top panel to correspond to the base panel. As before, loop the fasteners loosely through the holes in the edges of the top and side panels, securing a fastener in each of the holes provided. You will use 14 fasteners to secure the top panel to the side panels.

11. The three remaining holes in the base of the AquaCrib® may be used for the rope attaching the unit to its concrete weight. The rope may be threaded now or at the point of placing the AquaCrib® in the water.

12. If it's necessary to restock the AquaCrib® with brush later on, a diver can cut the roof fasteners, install more vegetation, and resecure the lid with additional fasteners. This may be done underwater or after hauling the AquaCrib® up. One person can usually accomplish that.




Please contact your local, state, or provincial government regarding any regulations pertaining to, or permits required, for installation of AquaCrib®


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