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Ensuring The Future of Sport Fishing!

AquaCrib® — The most functional, convenient, and cost-effective means of encouraging sport fish propagation. A permanent habitat for fish in inland waters, especially deep lakes that lack protective vegetation. A durable shelter for fish through all life cycles that encourages population growth.


  • Lightweight (only about 20 pounds)
  • Sturdy
  • Modular in design for quick, simple assembly
  • Easily transported
  • Can be installed by just one person
  • Durable - lasts indefinitely 
  • Safe - for boaters and water enthusiasts
  • Rests above bottoms


Made of Corrulite, a rugged corrugated plastic that offers strength with minimal weight. The AquaCrib® measures approximately 48" wide X 60" long X 48" high. Six panels connected by four supports and 44 plastic fasteners create various-sized openings at different heights to attract  small and large fish. Filled with brush and weighted with a concrete block, AquaCrib®s are sunk to depths of 12 to 20 feet. A hinged top panel allows replacement of brush, keeping the AquaCrib® functional indefinitely. 




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